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Image Clipping Path Services are the basic photo editing operation in the world of Image Manipulation. Making a path around a subject is the primary objective of this when a lot more is possible afterward. PHOTO EDITING POINT is here to give you any kind of Clipping Path Services and more you need. You may find some free image clipping websites or programs to do similar things. But, the quality cannot be like the professional ones that we can provide. Try our Clipping Path Service for free, then compare with others for an evaluation.

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Basic Knowledge About clipping path services

The photo editing software Photoshop first introduced clipping Path. Today you will find more programs that provide such kind of operation. The process is pretty simple. Suppose you have a picture of a Soccer ball, and you will draw a line around it. So, what will you do? You take a pen or a pencil, start drawing around the edge, and end where you started. The same thing we do digitally for photographs with the help of the Pen Tool in Photoshop.And, we always provide the best Clipping Path Services that could benefit you.


Clipping Path Service Categories

The categories of Clipping Path Services are as basic as the service indicates. Considering the subject complexity,
we have divided the service into some types. The work procedure remains the same. The only difference is the
time and difficulty that we face making the path around the subject. The categories are;

Basic/Simple Clipping Path

Basic or Simple Clipping Path is the easiest operation of Photoshop Clipping Path Services. Here, the subject of an image has straight lines and simple curves. A box, a basic shaped ring, a kite, etc. are examples of this category.The price starts at $0.35 per image.

Medium Clipping Path

Subjects with more lines and more curves are for Medium Clipping Path. Image clipping takes a little more time than the previous one. One or two holes may be present on them. A charger, a cup, a scoop, etc., are examples.The price starts at $0.50 per image.

Complex Clipping Path

Tricky corners or edges to handle and takes more time for path creating are for the Complex Clipping Path category. Clipping Path Photoshop operation becomes harder here. Group of rings, several marbles, etc., are examples. The price starts at $0.75 per image.

Super Complex Clipping Path

Super Complex Clipping Path category is the qualifying round for clipping path service providers. The subjects are hard enough to mark and take a long time. A Christmas tree, intricate ornaments, etc., are examples. The price starts at $1.00 per image.

Multiple Clipping Path

Clipping Paths in Photoshop has an additional operation for product images. And, that is Clipping Path with Shadow. Here we add artificial shadow or keep the original one if required. Though shadow service is an individual one, we have added this here if you need it.

Clipping Path with Shadow

Clipping Paths in Photoshop has an additional operation for product images. And, that is Clipping Path with Shadow. Here we add artificial shadow or keep the original one if required. Though shadow service is an individual one, we have added this here if you need it.

Some Uses of clipping path services

The use of Clipping Path Services is quite massive in the digital world. Product images for ecommerce website
presentations are the most common ones. Ecommerce websites do not allow product images with a background.
Also, the Clipping Path solution is the best method for subjects with hard edges. Well, we can handle soft-edged
subjects too, but the operation takes enough time and cost. Except for commercial use, Clipping Path is effective
for personal photos as well. Also, this service has other uses with more editing methods as the primary cut out.

Bonding’s of Clipping Path

Clipping service has connections to other services for perfection in image presentation. As Clipping Path is the
most fundamental part, more editing types take support from this. However, this is a kind that we mostly use for
products. Sometimes other items with services make collaboration to complete the whole operation. We are
presenting some connections between Clipping Path and other methods below.

Background Removal and Clipping Path Connection

Clipping Path definition indicates the isolation of a subject from the background. Background Removal Services
does the same thing. The only difference is, Clipping Path is one of the methods for background removal for a
subject. Well, other methods may not be so precise as Clipping Path for the operation. One of the mentionable
matters for the connection between Clipping Path and Background Removal is the edges. Subjects with hard edges
are best for removing background by Clipping Path Services.

Ghost Mannequin and Clipping Path Link

Ghost Mannequin is another outstanding photo editing service nowadays. Clipping Path companies provide the
service as well. The similarity is, the Ghost Mannequin process starts with the Clipping Path operation. We cut out
the apparel or garments from the whole image to remove the mannequin. Then cut the back part according to the
front portion to match. So, from the beginning, to do a match, we use Clipping Path Service. In a word, Ghost
Mannequin Service is not possible without the help of Clipping Path Service.

Image Masking and Clipping Path Relatedness

Clipping Path is suitable for subjects that contain hard edges. On the other hand, we use Image Masking Services
for soft-edged subjects. But, we can use Clipping Path and Image Masking for the same subject. Here, we create a
path and make a selection according to that. Then, we use the Mask of Photoshop and hide unwanted areas of the
whole image. The masking process is entirely non-destructive. So, we can reverse or change the process anytime
we need. Well, Image Masking is possible without the help of Clipping Path. We can do it both ways.

Deep Etching and Clipping Path Interrelation

According to the Clipping Service definition, we create a path for precise selection. The explanation for Deep
Etching Service is precisely the same. So, they both are of the same Latent Semantic Indexing category. And, if you
take Deep Etching Service, you have Clipping Path Service without any doubt.

Image Subject and Clipping Path Isolation

The clipping Path operation is to make paths around the subject for isolation. And, after isolation, you can do
several things with the subject. So, image subject isolation and Clipping Path isolation does similar things. Clipping
background to make the subject separated is the same thing we do. The difference is that we can isolate a subject
in many ways, and Clipping Path is one of them. However, we always prefer Clipping Path Services to isolate
product images with lines and curves.

Clipping Path vs Clipping Mask

Clipping Path and Clipping Mask may sound similar, but the difference is quite significant. With the Clipping Path,
we make a selection around the subject. On the other hand, we use Clipping Mask to use a background according
to a selection. For example, if we take a background and a text on different layers, we can fill the text with the
background. So, the background will peek through the text characters and nowhere else. Well, we can make a
work path according to the selection, but that is optional.

What We Offer in Our Clipping Path Services

PHOTO EDITING POINT provides you the most accurate Clipping Path Services to meet your requirements. We do
the operation following the comments conveyed by you. Well, sometimes we propose what may be better for
photo clipping services. However, this additional effort is to provide you the best Clipping Path Services you may
ever have. We have 150+ efficient photo editors who work in shifts. So, you can ask for the services anytime you
need us. So, we can provide you a high volume image clipping within a short time. We can do 5000+ clipping per
day considering the subject complexity. Also, we have a 24/7 customer support division for you to place a query
and get a reply within the shortest period.

Benefits of Clipping Path Services

The benefits of Clipping Path Services are huge if you follow the uses one by one. We are mentioning some of
them here.

Who Needs Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path Service is the most asked photo editing method by product marketers. And, the product marketers
are from different disciplines. Product manufacturers, whole-sellers, dealers, retailers, and brokers use Clipping
Path Services. People use this for non-commercial purposes as well. Liaison houses also need this service to meet
clients’ requirements. Make this available; clipping path outsources quite popular today. We also have clients in
the USA, UAE, Italy, Germany, Australia, and some other countries. Our clients are pleased with our services, and
we are glad about that.

Why We Are Special in Clipping Path Services

PHOTO EDITING POINT is a Photo Editing Service provider serving with sincerity for years. We take care of your
requirements precisely as you want. Clipping Path Asia is a similar kind of service provider, but our goal is to reach
the top. We always focus on our work and nothing else. We have a three-layer quality control team to maintain
the highest quality possible. Still, ‘to err is human,’ and we are not above that. We do unlimited revision if you find
any mistakes with our work. Well, this is just an option. We do our best to avoid mistakes so that you can have the
best use of your time and money taking service from us.


Ans: Clipping Path is a marking operation by which we make paths around the subject. The main purpose is to
make a precise selection that can give you perfect isolation from the whole image.

Ans: The primary purpose of Clipping Path is to make a subject accessible for isolation. Later on, Image Masking,
Background Change, Ghost Mannequin, and many more are possible with convenience.

Ans: We start with an anchor point on the edge of the subject that seems better. Then go for another one
following the edge and so on. At last, we end up at the point where the operation started. And, that’s it.

Ans: The importance of the Clipping Path is quite immense in Photo Editing Services. Except for a few editing
methods, other services use Clipping Path as mother editing. Especially, product photo editing is impossible
without it.

Ans: You can save a Clipping Path as JPEG directly. Just create a path in Photoshop and use Ctrl/Command+S for
Win/MAC, and you are done.

Ans: Use Photoshop Pen Tool and start from a point on the edge of the subject. Move forward to another point,
do the same, and end at the starting point. And, this way you can cut a path in Photoshop.

Ans: Go to the tools panel in Photoshop and select the Pen Tool. Then use that around the subject and save the
path at last.

Ans: Turning a selection into a path is a reverse process. Pick a selection tool, make a selection around the subject,
right-click on that and choose ‘Make Work Path. And, this is how you can turn a selection into a path in

Ans: Make a work path around the subject and complete at the end where it started. Use keyboard command
Ctrl/Command+Enter/Return for Win/MAC, and you have the selection. Or press and hold Ctrl/Command for
Win/MAC and click on the path to make a selection.

Ans: Savina, a Clipping Path in Photoshop CC, is no different than other versions of Photoshop. Use
Ctrl/Command+S for Win/MAC, and the saving is done.


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