Image Background Removal Service

Background Removal Services are the most asked photo editing categories by the clients. The world today is quite colorful, and PHOTO EDITING POINT Photo Editing Services made that editable all the way. But, what is the relation between “Background Removing Services to Color & Editing?” Well, that is the place where you need to learn a little more on the matter we are focusing on. Capturing a natural environment with shooting gear is an expertise of a photographer. But, giving that perfection with eye-catchy looks depends on several touch-ups.One of them is the Image Background Removal Service, with the convenience of using any background you want.

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Basic Knowledge about Background Removal Service

According to the essential characteristic of Background Removal Services, you can change the background. Still, there is a question that is the most important one after the operation. And, that is, “Should you use any random background for the subject that you have isolated?” Of course not. You can remove the background to place another one that can serve a purpose well. For example, product images need this service to place a solid colored background. And, this is one of the basic requirements of ecommerce websites. Wedding photographs need this service to place another background for a different but natural look. Image Manipulation requires multiple subjects without any background to make a creative collage. So, Photo Background Removal Service
has the quality to serve various purposes according to your need.

Remove your images' background and make it look more professional.


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Background Removing Service Categories

The Categories of Background Removing Services are quite a few but huge in meaning. How? By learning more
about the categories a little more. So, we bring you a complete solution with explanations that could be easy to
understand. Also, it will be easy to choose the right one and to save editing costs. Furthermore, we are always at
your service to sort this out for you. You may find more subcategories on the internet which may confuse you.
We give you any background removal for sure. And, they are;

Subjects with Basic Shapes

Product Image Background removal is mostly in need of Subjects with Basic Shapes. The products with a few
straight lines, some curves, or areas need less effort to mark. These kinds of subjects need less time to select
and isolate. Also, the price is low without any doubt. A mobile phone, a computer mouse, a soccer ball, a cricket bat, a simple showpiece, etc., are some subjects. PHOTO EDITING POINT offers you a Background Removal Service cost starting at $0.29 per image for similar subjects.

Complexity Medium Subjects

Photo subjects that are more difficult than Subjects with Basic Shapes but not the most are of this category.
Image subjects may have more lines, wavy curves, holes, and embedded transparencies. More than one
selection or mark outs are necessary to isolate subjects from the backgrounds. So, naturally, the operation
requires more time, and the cost is more. Bracelets, rings, shoes, complex showpieces, machine parts, etc., are examples of this kind. The price starts at $1.5 per image.

Quite Complex Subjects

Image subjects that are more, in fact, very difficult to separate from the background require this. The complete operation needs enough time and needs expert hands. Furthermore, photo editors need to pay more attention to avoid mistakes. Well, the mistake is a part of our life but not suitable for professional-quality background removal. So, PHOTO EDITING POINT makes sure to serve you with the best. Bicycles, Christmas trees, jewelry, chains, etc., are some of the examples. The price starts at $ 3.0 per image.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin is a smart kind of background removal for product images like apparel. We require multiple
images of the apparel and back parts for this operation. We cut out the parts from pictures and organize them
together to create a complete look. The final image comes out with a ghostly hollow look and appealing view. Garments manufacturers, marketers, and advertising agencies use this service. Also, it is cost-saving as human models are expensive. The price starts at $4.0 per image.

Background Removal by Image Masking

Background removal is an operation that could be done in many ways depending on the subject and difficulty.
Clipping Path is one of them where we make a path around the subjects and remove the background. But, some subjects are so difficult to select due to thin or soft areas and color mixing. And, that is why we use Image Masking Service to remove the background in this category. Tree, sky, foggy glass effect, stray hair, furry doll, etc., are convenient with Image Masking. The price starts at $2.0 per image.

Subjects for Additional Decoration

You may need to make a presentation with multiple items in the same frame. Organizing them manually and
taking a photograph with the perfect view is often difficult. Well, we have a smart solution, and that is Subjects for Additional Decoration. You need to provide subject images that you want to place together. We separate them all from the different backgrounds and put them on one. So, you will have well-organized subjects and also as an additional decoration. The cost is variable.

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Some Uses of Background Removal Service

Background Removal Services are beneficial in various perspectives. The focusing thing is the subject for the
operation. So, we isolate that from the background. But why do you need that? Well, you may need that from
various angles. Commercial purpose is the most common one as product background removal. You can also use
that for personal purposes like image isolation. And, sometimes you may want to change the background of a
photograph to remove unwanted objects. Or, the deep etching subjects can make a product look perfect in

Clipping Path Service vs Background Removing Service

Clipping Path Services is a working method of Background Removing Service. We use Photoshop Pen Tool for the
operation or to make a path around the subject. Then we make a selection according to the path and isolate it
from the background. The only thing mentionable here is, Clipping Path Services is right for subjects with hardedges. Soft-edged subjects are quite difficult to isolate with this method. And, that’s it.

Photo Cutout Service VS Background Removal Service

Photo Cutout service is also the Background Removal Service technically. The subject isolation is the main
objective for both of them. Removing the background can give a subject the ability to place on solid-colored one
or any other. So, the purposes of the services are pretty much the same. The only thing you need to decide is
how you like the image subject? Let us know that and leave the job to us.

Benefits of Background Removal Service

Background Removal Services have enough uses whether you are an individual or a company. So, the benefits
are also huge if you use them practically. The essential part is that you can have the freedom of choice for the
subject background. You can use a solid color as a background or place a different one that matches the subject.
Sometimes, you may need creative manipulation and need this for the procedure. We are mentioning some
benefits of this fantastic service that will help you understand better. And, they are;

What We Offer in Our Background Removal Services

PHOTO EDITING POINT brings you on-demand background removal performances as you need. So, whatever
photograph you have and how complicated the subjects are, nothing to worry about. Also, we remove white
backgrounds if you want. And, we keep an eye on the price as you can save more by letting us provide you the
service. What we offer you are as following;

Who Needs Background Removal Service

Background Removal Service is one of the most demanding photo editing methods today. Whether you want to
use it for personal or commercial purposes, PHOTO EDITING POINT is here to serve you the best. Business
organizations need this service regularly for marketing their products. Ecommerce marketers also use this for
product presentation—they also use liaison houses that handle many clients and take services from photo
editors. People also ask for this service for personal photo modification. In a word, people in various sections
need Background Removing Services.

Why We Are Special in Background Removal Service

PHOTO EDITING POINT is a Photo Editing Company serving you with background removal for years. Our efficient
photo editors analyze an image before starting operation. We make sure to remove the background from an
image so precise. Also, we check and recheck every editing before delivery. With more than 150 graphic editors,
we can handle up to 5000 images per day. The quality control team does its job correctly and responsibly. So,
you can have faith in our service, and we are honored to serve you. In case of any mistake with our editing, we
are always ready to provide you unlimited revisions to meet your satisfaction.


Ans: Background Removal Service is a kind of Photo Editing Service that is useful for isolating a subject from the
whole image. Mostly, this editing is the best for product presentation both online and offline marketplaces.

Ans: Removing the background from a whole image is easy; doing it professionally is the hard part. So, you need
to learn a compatible program for image subject selection then use it for the purpose.

Ans: Adobe Photoshop is the best app for removing the background professionally. Some other programs are
also suitable for this purpose only, such as Photopea, GIMP, Photoshop Elements, etc.

Ans: Free options for photo background removal are several if you search online. The result is OK if you use it
for personal purposes only. But, you should choose premium or paid services when you need to use them for
commercial purposes.

Ans: Make a selection around the subject with photo editing software. Then create a new layer according to the
selection. And hide the background layer. Now your subject is separated from the background.

Ans: Photoshop is the best app for changing backgrounds. But, if you want a free program, you can try GIMP or
Photopea instead.

Ans: At first, you need to isolate the subject from the whole image. Then place the background you want to
place. And, hide the original image. You will have the background changed. But, perfection comes out with
proper learning and implementation.

Ans: Use Photoshop, make a selection around the edge of the subject, copy the selection to a new layer, and
hide the background layer. You will have the background transparent.

Ans: You cannot remove the background of an image in Canva technically. But, you can use shapes to keep an
area around the subject. And then, the rest will hide the rest.

Ans: We use Photoshop alternative apps such as GIMP, Photopea, etc., and others besides Photoshop. Well,
there are free online tools to use the photos in non-commercial sections.